Birding Region: Piedmont Hills & Valleys
Site #1: White Clay Creek State Park

Site Map         
2 miles N of Newark (302) 368-6900
Managed by: Delaware State Parks

White Clay Creek State Park features one of Delaware's finest birding walks, linking Hopkins Bridge and the Wedgewood Road Footbridge. Well worth visiting year-round, it is especially rewarding from April - November. Uncommon breeding birds found here include American Redstart, Veery, Blue-winged Warbler, and Warbling Vireo. The park is the only known Delaware breeding site for Cerulean Warblers, but their numbers have seriously declined and their future is uncertain. Please refrain from playing recorded calls to attract Cerulean Warblers here.

The trail circuit can be accessed from either the Chambers House Nature Center, Hopkins Bridge, or the Wedgewood Road Footbridge area. To find the trail from the nature center, walk south (downstream) from the parking lot across Hopkins Road, and proceed down a gated segment of Creek Road (called "Tweeds Mill Road" on some maps). About one mile from the nature center, you will arrive at the Wedgewood Road Footbridge parking area. The trail turns left and crosses the creek on the footbridge, then immediately leads left, continuing back to the north on the east bank of the creek. You will emerge from the woods back at Hopkins Road, where you can turn left, cross Hopkins Bridge and then turn right (N) up Creek Road to return to the nature center. The total distance is about 2.5 miles . . . Click to Continue

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